Property Investing for Doctors

Our course covers the essential skills and key tips for doctors who want to start their journey in property investing. Have you always wanted to invest in property but feel you don't have the time, money or experience to do so? If so, then this course is for YOU!

We'll show you that anyone can invest in property and we can show you ways to invest in property without using your own time or money.

On the course you will learn about:

- What property investing actually means and why 2017 is an ideal time to invest,
- Skills & experience required to invest in property
- What makes a good investment
- Opportunities within healthcare for medical professionals

Don't miss this opportunity to invest in yourself and improve your financial health!


Please note - the introductory modules are currently live and the rest of the modules are being released on a regular basis.


Course Curriculum:

1. Introduction

  • Course Overview
  • Medic8 - 8 Simple Steps to Property Investment for Doctors

2. Get Ready

  • Module 1 - Find Your WHY and Set Your Goals
  • Module 2 - Prepare to Invest
  • Module 3 - Property Market and Terminologies

3. Get Set

  • Module 4 - 3 Simple Strategies
  • Module 5 - Multi-let (more advanced) Strategies

4. Go

  • Module 6 - Financing Your Property Purchase
  • Module 7 - Find Your Property

5. Stay On Track

  • Module 8 - Bonus Module

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