Management Consulting for Medics - Digital Course

Management Consulting for Medics – Crash Course (Digital version)


Are you a Medic considering getting into Management Consultancy?

Want to learn more about Management Consultancy in Healthcare & other fields?

Need to know how to make the transition and leverage your experience?

Want to succeed at application & interviews?

If so, this online course is for YOU!


Management Consulting is a great career choice for any doctor considering time out of clinical medicine, a career change, or a chance to gain a new set of skills to bring to their medical career. But to stand a good chance of getting in, you need to know the rules of the game!


This intensive crash-course includes:

  • The 'low-down' on Management Consultancy: What it is, why you should consider it, career progression and how man-con can impact a range of industries.
  • Core skills required to become a management consultant
  • Work on a real-life Man Con project during our course and learn how to approach a case.
  • What recruiters are looking for & pros/cons of being a Medic and what desireable skills you can bring to the table.
  • Essential CV & Interview preparation and how to BEAT the competition
  • The 'Big 4' - and their application processes
  • Boutique vs large corporate firms
  • How to decide which firm is for you
  • Q&A with doctors who have successfully transitioned into Management Consulting


Course tutors:

Dr Ed Fitzgerald - Surgeon, Healthcare Management Consultant, Clinical Advisor to the Lifebox Foundation

Dr Aroon Baskaradas - Management consultant, Ernst & Young (EY), Orthopaedic Surgeon & MBA student.

Dr Dominique Allwood - Consultant in Public Health and Senior Improvement Fellow

Dr Vishaal Virani - Management Consultant at OC&C Strategy Consultants & Co-Founder of Doctorpreneurs

Please note: You will have 90 days access to complete the course from the point of purchase.

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