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We think that doctors' needs have been neglected for way too long.  And we mean WAY too long!  That’s why we created Eurekadoc 360, our brand new webinar series for doctors and medical students, designed to give you the insights and training you need on:

  • Health & Wellness for Doctors
  • Hot Topics in Healthcare
  • Leadership & Careers Development
  • Business and Finance for Medics

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Programme Schedule

Check out the upcoming webinars below!

14th June - Top Tax Tips for Doctors.

21 June - Unleashing the Power of Leadership!

28th June - An MBA Is Not Just Business: It's Personal.

5th July - Raising Investments for Beginners - Turning your idea into reality! Dr. Imran Kauser MD of Haloodies

12th July - GP Partner – “To be or not to be?” Dr Vinay Shankar (GP partner, Author, Innovator, Host of 15 minutes with the doctor)

19th July - Healthcare Innovation on a shoestring - Prof Tony Young (National Clinical Lead for Innovation, NHS England, Consultant Urologist, Director of Medical Innovation Anglia Ruskin University)

24th July - Happiness is VR revolutionising surgical training – inspirational talk - Prof Shafi Ahmed (The Virtual surgeon, Teacher, Futurist, Innovator, Entrepreneur)

26th July -Everything is better with audit – turning your audit into health policy - Dr David Neal (Doctor, Non-Executive Director Polygeia, Writer)


9th August - Dreams + Work = Success – How to have a portfolio career - Dr Mahibur Rahman (Portfolio GP, Medical Director of Emedica)


Unlock the medical career & lifestyle you deserve today!

Please note this programme is provisional and subject to change. Terms, Privacy Policy and Disclaimer Apply (available at links below).

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