Occupational Medicine; Medicine's Best Kept Secret!

Occupational Medicine is one of those specialties that most of us didn't even realise there was;

  • a specialty training programme where you can train in private industry, NHS or military,
  • a unique opportunity to practice medicine in a holistic, extremely diverse and entrepreneurial way,
  • No on call or shift work commitments.

As an Occupational Medicine Registrar, having entered the specialty from a background in Urology, this Webinar is Delivered by Dr. Abeyna Jones, who feels that it is one of the best kept secrets when we refer to Alternative Careers for Doctors.

Since entering the specialty in 2014, she's received numerous requests from doctors enquiring on how to get into Occupational Medicine, because it's not as well prescribed or advertised as some of the common specialties. I've also successfully mentored and coached several doctors looking to get into the specialty.

Therefore this webinar is designed to share her insider knowledge on the world of Occupational Medicine including;

  • How to start your career in Occupational Medicine (full/part time or portfolio),
  • The different OH institutions demystified,
  • An overview of specialty training,
  • Occupational Medicine Qualifications demystified and how they fit into your career opportunities,
  • Approaches to example Case Studies in OH.


This webinar will be useful for the following;

  • Medical Students interested in OH,
  • Doctors interested in OH,
  • GPs considering whether they should take the Diploma,
  • Doctors with the Diploma,
  • Anyone else.


Please note, this is an introductory webinar - if you're well established in OH already, this may not be for you - however you're more than welcome to join.

This is a webinar independently produced as a collaboration between Medic Footprints and Eurekadoc. We do not claim to represent any other companies or institutions. Please note that you will have 30 days access to all course content.

Any questions, please do ask.


This webinar features: 

Dr. Abeyna Jones

Founder of Medic Footprints and Occupational Medicine Registrar

Ex NHS Trainee Representative for the National School of Occupational Health

Dr. Lafina Diamandis

Founder of Eurekadoc, and GP Trainee


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